Kraton Yogyakarta

The Yogya Kraton is the traditional residence of the Sultan of Yogya. It was built starting in 1755, and it has been a cultural center right up to the present day.

Two banyan trees stand in the outer courtyard guarding the main entrance to the Kraton. The tree on the right died at the same time as the Ninth Sultan of Yogya in 1988, and has been replaced by a sapling.

This is the inner entrance to the Yogya Kraton, the traditional residence of the Sultan of Yogya. The present Sultan of Yogya still lives here.

The ninth Sultan, Sri Sultan Hamengkubwono IX, played a vital role in Indonesia's independence struggle against the Dutch, and gave many years of service to the new Republic. This is a portrait from the recent Rp 10000 note.

This is the table where the final papers for Indonesian Independence were signed. Although independence was declared on August 17, 1945 in Jakarta, it was at this table that the Dutch finally admitted defeat. The pavilion is within the Yogya Kraton. The decorations are gold.

These are some of the decorations around the formal outdoor dining area in the Kraton. There are chandeliers of Italian crystal.

Next to the Yogya Kraton is the Taman Sari or Water Palace.

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